Homeowner Education Series: Volume 1 – 10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Vacation Home in the Austin Area

24 Mar 2021
Written By: Sharon Walker Congratulations! You have found yourself in a position to consider the purchase of a vacation home! While this is certainly an exciting time, it can also be a challenging task with so many options and choices...
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A Local's Guide To The Top Things To Do in Austin, TX

10 Jan 2020
Trying to find out where to take your next vacation? Or maybe you’ve already booked your trip to Austin and you’re wondering what should I do when I get there? In a city like Austin, it can be overwhelming to...
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6 Reasons to Spend Spring Break in Austin

18 Jan 2019
Planning your 2019 spring break in Austin? This time of the year brings mild temperatures, inexpensive travel, and uncrowded streets. The Texas State Capitol offers excellent cuisine, boundless outdoor adventure, family-friendly activities, and more. You might be thinking white sand...
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Homeowner Education Series: Volume 3 – The Best Way to Design, Furnish and Stock the Perfect Short Term Rental

7 Nov 2018
The Best Way to Design, Furnish, and Stock the Perfect Short Term RentalA Comprehensive Guide  Written By: Sharon WalkerWhile decorating a short term rental can feel overwhelming, it can also be wonderfully exciting. Not everyone wants to be a designer, but...
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Homeowner Education Series: Volume 2 – How Much Can I make in Rental Income

1 May 2018
Written By: Sharon Walker It’s really exciting to start researching revenue when searching for the perfect vacation rental! Each home can vary greatly in style, location, amenities, and size.Below are all of the factors we believe you need to consider when...
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