Best Travel Podcasts About Austin, Texas

Best Travel Podcasts About Austin, Texas

6 Nov 2022

One of the best ways to learn about an area you would like to travel to is by listening to local travel podcasts. Austin is a city full of life, culture, and history. There are so many podcasts that can help you explore the city and learn more about its history. While searching for the perfect vacation rental with Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals, you can listen to one of these travel podcasts. Here are some of the best travel podcasts about Austin, Texas, that you can use for your vacation planning process.

Austin Anthem Podcast

Suppose you are a sports fan, and more specifically, a fan of Major League Soccer. In that case, you should listen to the Austin Anthem Podcast. This is the long-running podcast about Austin FC. This team is Austin’s one and only professional sports team.

This Song

Austin, Texas, is well known for its music scene. Musician and radio DJ Elizabeth McQueen knows this well. For the show’s first two seasons, McQueen asks musicians living in Austin, Texas, about their favorite songs. She also talks with non-local musicians about the same questions while they pass through Austin’s music scene.


For those visiting who want to know what is happening right now, you can’t go wrong with ATXplained. It’s a show from the local National Public Radio station that is a crowdsourced reporting project that asks locals what they want to know more about in their city.

Learn A Thing Or Two About Austin, Texas

We know that these podcasts will help you plan your vacation or give you an idea of what it’s like living in Austin. We can help you find an ideal vacation rental in Downtown Austin, Lake Austin, Lake Travis, and Hill Country with Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals. To learn more about Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals, please call us at 512-501-3580 (or check availability online).