Beth Friedman

Beth Friedman

Business Development

(512) 660-9609

Beth had her first taste of the hospitality business in college when she participated in a public relations internship in London. There, her work focused on promoting and protecting several historic sites and tourism destinations, and from day one she was hooked. From there, she decided to focus her life and career on seeing the world, and helping others do the same.  As a marketing professional for the travel industry, her clients included hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour operators, and destinations. Beth also served as a luxury travel advisor planning family vacations, honeymoons, ’trips of a lifetime’ and weekend getaways. 

Beth’s interest in vacation rentals began when she moved out of her Santa Monica, CA beach home in 2012, but didn’t want to give the space up. She created her first STR business hosting travelers from all over the world, and this translated perfectly to her work at Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals, and her ongoing interest in making a difference in the industry.  

Beth has established herself as a true advocate for the short term rental business, and loves partnering with homeowners and investors to create successful, luxury short term rental businesses under WLVR’s management. She is also a great home-cook, and sees food as another way to experience and share love. Outside of the kitchen, she is happiest on or near the water, and loves hiking with her family. 

Her motto is #calmisasuperpower and she maintains this in her life (most of the time) by living mindfully and meditating everyday.