Where Are The Best Places To Swim In Austin

Where Are The Best Places To Swim In Austin

2 May 2022

A classic and fun way to cool down over the summer is by taking a dip in a pool or lake. Summers in Austin, Texas, can get warm, but there are many different options for you and your family to beat the heat. If you don’t want to travel to cool down, take a look at some of our Walker Luxury Vacation Rental properties. Some best places to swim in Austin are set right off Lake Travis and Lake Austin. We have a number of vacation rentals in those areas. Here’s a brief look at some of the best places to swim and cool off any summer in Austin, Texas. 

Barton Springs

Barton Spring is an iconic pool in the Austin, Texas, area. The pool is in Zilker Park and measures three acres in size. What makes the pool so unique because of the underground springs. It’s also available year-round as the pool waters sit at a comfy 68-70 degrees. Locals and tourists aren’t the only things you will find here. Barton Springs is the home to the endangered Barton Springs Salamander too.

Lake Austin and Lake Travis

We have some phenomenal vacation rentals on Lake Austin and Lake Travis, as we mentioned earlier. So if you want to stay on-site and not travel into the city, we recommend that you browse our selection. There are plenty of swimming beaches scattered along the shorelines of each of these lakes. Some standouts include Bob Wentz Park and Fritz Hughes Park.

Austin Parks and Recreation Aquatic Division

The Austin Parks and Recreation Aquatic Division has almost 50 public water facilities spread out throughout Austin, Texas. This includes regional, community, neighborhood, and 11 splash pads. Be sure to check online to see which pools are open or closed.

Azul Rooftop

This pool is connected to a rooftop bar making it a great place if you and your partner want to get away and cool off with a drink or two. It’s a free rooftop pool, and access is open to the public daily, typically from noon to midnight. There may be a cover charge if an event occurs at the bar.

Beat The Austin, Texas Heat

Dip your toes in the cold water at some of the best places to swim in Austin. Your kids will have a blast playing in the water while you wade your feet. On a warm day, you’ll be happy that your Walker Luxury Vacation Rental is not far from a place to cool off. Many fun attractions in the Texas Hill Country and the Austin, Texas area. You can find an ideal vacation rental in Downtown Austin, Lake Austin, Lake Travis, and Hill Country. To learn more about Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals, please call us today at 512-501-3580 (or check availability online).