Lori Alford

Lori Alford

Owner Success Manager

(512) 663-2864


Hailing from the Midwest, Lori’s love for travel began early. Taking long family road trips as a child, Lori would window shop her way through small towns, picking out the “perfect house” along the way. Dreams of owning a small roadside hotel or an antique crumbling house occupied her thoughts. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, in grade school, her family moved to a small town in Kansas. This is where she would find lifelong friends and regular travel companions. After a short time in college, Lori welcomed her first of three daughters. Life would take her on a winding road through several states and finally to Texas, where her other two girls were born. Georgetown, Texas, has been her home for 12 years.

There was joy in buying, renovating, and selling her own homes. This is where the love for design, organization, and attention to detail became something that she was good at. These were busy times in the household, and she wore many “hats” as Mommy, Home Stager, and design consultant, all while actively pursuing opportunities to serve and volunteer within the school districts and the communities in which she lived.

Travel is a shared love for her family. With three daughters, staying in a hotel became increasingly tricky – one bathroom! Discovering the world of short-term rentals was life-changing. Being able to relax in the comfort of a beautiful home in a way you could do at home was and is always the way to go. She is excited to contribute and learn operations in the exciting travel industry.