Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals Design Services

The Best In Vacation Rental Interior Design

Created by demand, Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals Design Services are where licensed interior design services meet a decade of Vacation Rental Management expertise. This means explicit knowledge from years of traveler feedback along with professional design services being funneled directly into your vacation rental design. 

There is no more substantial return on investment than ensuring your vacation home stands out from competitors on an online platform. To do so the design must be up to par with traveler expectations. This can single-handedly make your home excel or fail to perform. While Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals is the leading market expert in beautiful descriptions and exemplary marketing, we all know that the all-important photos can support these efforts or decline them drastically. Long gone are the days of a sterile, minimal home attracting views. Travelers are looking for spots with personality, style and a special space to create memories. Likewise, homeowners want a durable design with proven profitability.

How Can We Help?

Start to finish, we can refresh or design your vacation rental. Whether you are a “DIY” or a “leave it to the professionals” type of HomeOwner, we can assist with service at every level. 


If you are looking to find support for your DIY design project we can come alongside you with whatever level of involvement you desire. Do you just want the advice of a professional interior designer? We can help with hard to make decisions, develop floor plans and furniture layout, offer suggestions for the biggest impact, help to make selections from your design ideas, and point you in the right direction for suppliers. We can tell you what changes will lead to the largest return and step aside so you can make the changes. Alternatively, you can make selections and have us carry out the installation while offering assistance on finishing touches.


Finally, if you seek a full-service experience, we can propose design plans for you to make selections from, or design and carry out the entire plan, with little or no involvement from you. You can allow us to design and execute the installation of every room within a specified budget while you enjoy the beauty and benefits of the final product. 

Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals Design Services offers:

  • The Right Level of Quality: 
    You need furnishings that will last and be durable but not break the bank.

  • Design for Traveler Style:
     The changing preferences of the traveler must be considered – they are your only source of revenue. We know what travelers want and how to fit existing pieces, when possible, into design changes.

  • We Know What Works in Vacation Rentals:  We know what travelers love… and what they don’t. We use our market knowledge and years of guest feedback to benefit your home, and you!


The Cost? 

Our Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals Design Services have competitive hourly rates. Our licensed, professional designer, is able to purchase from WLVR wholesale accounts on your behalf. If you purchase furnishings via our wholesale accounts, you will make up the cost of the design services quickly. (e.g. If you buy one couch that retails at $2,500, you will pay closer to $1,875 via Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals wholesale accounts, for a savings of $625 off of retail. This equates to over 4 hours of design services!) 


Contact us to get started with design services now by calling or filling out the form below. 


    A few Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals designed homes