The WLVR Advantage

Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals is privately owned.

This means that we aren’t reporting to investors – we are reporting to you, the client! We are focused on every detail, including homeowner revenue. However, revenue comes second to the safety of your home. You won’t find the WLVR leadership in board meetings discussing how to please the people we have leveraged our bank accounts to. You will find us in team meetings discussing how to improve hands-on services and relationships with guests and homeowners. 

We do not depend on technology to manage your home. WLVR is renowned and trusted for our hands-on personal services and attention to relationships which translates to happy homeowners and high-quality guests who frequent our properties. It’s imperative to us that guests are appropriately and respectfully screened to make sure that your home is appropriately and respectfully used.

Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals will work diligently for you. Our clients know we genuinely care about them and we hope to get to know you as well.

If you believe your home would fit into our portfolio, please contact us at (512) 501-3580.


Why should I use WLVR rather than managing myself?
We have a great program that tells you the true cost of self-management vs. utilizing WLVR. We would love to share this with you! We will be able to provide info specific to your home and current situation.

How often will my house book?
That depends on how often you make it available. We are confident that our marketing will increase your exposure, resulting in more nights booked.

How do I prep my house?
If you live in the home or use it often, or this is your first time renting your home, we will provide you with a room-by-room checklist of everything the home needs. The WLVR team is happy to help you get set up. 

How do you screen guests?
We have a 4 step screening process that is second to none. We are so confident in the quality of our guests that we even cover their damages, up to $1500.

What kind of revenue can I expect from my home?
This is something that is specific to your home. We tour the property and use multiple resources to make sure that rates are competitive and we are gaining the maximum revenue potential possible.