Bats And More Wildlife You Might See In Texas Hill Country

Bats And More Wildlife You Might See In Texas Hill Country

13 Sep 2022

Once you get outside the city limits of Austin, Texas, you will find phenomenal hiking trails and lakes to see. So while you’re out on your journey exploring these Texas vistas and hiking trails, you will want to know what wildlife you might see such as bats and more. Some you will probably only see while hiking, but some of the nature you might notice right outside your window from a Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals property. Here’s a useful list of Texas wildlife and some info about bats near the Austin area.

  • Coyotes
  • Foxes
  • Raccoons
  • Possums
  • Skunks
  • Deer
  • Texas Rat Snake
  • Deer (Note that it is illegal to feed deer in the City of Austin intentionally)
  • Acorn Weevil
  • Bronzed Cowbird
  • Short-lined Skink
  • Harvestman
  • Spinybacked Orbweaver
  • Haldeman’s Shieldback Katydid
  • Saltmarsh Moth
  • Monarch Butterfly
  • Southern Yellowjackets
  • Rough Green Snake
  • Western Honey Bee
  • Wolf Spider

Seeing Bats In Austin, Texas

You don’t need to leave the city to see the bats swarm and fly around at dusk. Stand near the Anne W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge to see the bats fly over. At dusk, the city’s 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed Bats emerge from underneath the bridge. The best vantage point is to stand on the bridge. You could also rent a boat or find a spot on a hill overlooking the bridge for a decent view.

Bring Your Camera And Snap Some Pictures

Remember to document your journey into the Texas wilderness with some stunning photos. Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals will put you in the best spots for observing bats and more Texas wildlife on your vacation. You can find an ideal vacation rental in Downtown Austin, Lake Austin, Lake Travis, and Hill Country. To learn more about Walker Luxury Vacation Rentals, please call us at 512-501-3580 (or check availability online).